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Hi Ratfink! I have to say that your post prompted me to look at the ... BB Error Codes forum

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    Re: BB Pearl app Error 523


    Hi Ratfink! I have to say that your post prompted me to look at the javaloader script and it saved the day :-) much thanks!

    this is a post that I wrote on another forum that i don't feel like editing because it too me 20 mins to write and that's too much invested time
    I have a fix that does not require erasing your data! Of course following these instructions could also destroy everything on your blackberry, so read between the lines and only do things that make sense to you.

    First off this is on a T-Mo 8320 software v

    This happened to me because of a theme error. I was using the "bbdimension today" and found my phone locked up in a reboot cycle in the morning. After digging around I found someone that suggested looking through modules with the javaloader/jl_cmdr software and removing anything new. This theme was the first thing i removed and my blackberry powered right up.

    You have to get JL_cmdr package from pinstack:

    Then install it on your system. Now that your blackberry is in a reboot cycle, you have a very short amount of time to actually run these commands while the system is booting up and you have the white screen with the hour glass. So you may have to pull the battery several times while doing these steps and run one command at a time.

    (in windows xp)
    1) click "start" -> "run" -> type in "cmd" and hit enter to get to dos prompt
    2) type in the following:
    "c:\Program Files\JL_Cmder\JavaLoader.exe" -u -w<passwordifyouhaveone> dir > mymodules.txt
    this will create a file in your current directory called mymodules.txt. open it and look through your modules. in my case the culprit was "net_rim_theme_bbdimension_today_320x240_b". This theme displays my messages and calendar on the front page of the system. I'm guessing that since it has to recalculate the calendar each day, there must have been something about the tasks that I set up yesterday to show up in my calendar. It must have hit a snag after the date changed at midnight, and it got hung up. Could have also been something about my messages.
    3) once you determine which module(s) you want to delete, we'll need to save it just in case we want it back later. In my case the module was "net_rim_theme_bbdimension_today_320x240_b"
    the full command to save it was:
    "c:\Program Files\JL_Cmder\JavaLoader.exe -u -w<passwordifyouhaveone> save net_rim_theme_bbdimension_today_320x240_b
    4) now erase it!
    "c:\Program Files\JL_Cmder\JavaLoader.exe -u -w<passwordifyouhaveone> erase net_rim_theme_bbdimension_today_320x240_b

    On my blackberry, it said that this was an active module, so I had to force it with the -f switch. Total command was:
    "c:\Program Files\JL_Cmder\JavaLoader.exe -u -w<passwordifyouhaveone> erase -f net_rim_theme_bbdimension_today_320x240_b

    After the module was erased, the blackberry restarted and my system came back to fully working status.

    Hope this helps someone!

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    Hope this helps someone!
    Helped me. Fixed in under 2 minutes! Thank you.

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    This helped me too, I thought my Curve was fubar, thanks for a great post!
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    I have the Same issue, But my Pearl Is Unlocked. Can anyone help me?

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