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I am a new user to blackberry and although I was previously able to synchronise ... BB Error Codes forum

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    8100 synchronisation problems


    I am a new user to blackberry and although I was previously able to synchronise I am now receiving an error message "The Specified Intellisync Configuration is invalid" whenever I connect my blackberry to my pc - any suggestions?

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    Lightbulb sync problems

    you have to go over the settings to make sure there is no glitch in the connection settings.
    usually this appears if t=you install a different PDA device or if you make an upgrade to your microsoft office. please follow these steps.
    1. make sure that the MS office version running on your computer is not the office 2007. for some reasons the blackberry desktop softare does not work with this version of MS office.
    2. if you haven't done so, please make sure you are running the latest blackberry desktop software (if i am not mistaken you should be able to download that from your wireless carier. T-mobile has it fo sure, if you log into your t-mobile account and click on support for my phone)
    3. after installing the desktop manager, plug your phone into the data cable and start the software
    4. if there is no connection detected, go to Options>Connection Settings, and in the connection field select USB then click Detect
    5. click ok and return to desktop manager window
    6. click on the synchronize button and then go to configuration tab
    7. click on the configure sync
    8. you have four options: address book, calendar, memopad and task, and each one of them should be unchecked. check or unchecked, you will double click each one of them and you will click on chose
    9. form the new window you will choose the Microsoft Outlook option and NOT the Microsoft Outlook Express. the other options would probably generate errors.
    10. unde the operation sequence, you will make sure the synchronize bullet is checked and then you'll click ok.
    11. you will repet the steps 8, 9 and 10 until all the options at step 8 will be completed.
    12. click ok on the bottom
    13. you will be returned to step 6 where you will click on the synchronize tab
    14. the synchronize now button should now be available. just click on it and follow the prompt.

    i advice you that for every message you get just click accept, so you can make sure you don't lose any data. please e-mail or reply if it's not working or if you have more questions.

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    Re: 8100 synchronisation problems

    great advice...only suggestion i would make is to go straight to blackberry's website to get the drivers, DM and OS as needed...they have the service pack 2 which i used when i upgraded and i haven't had a single problem with the newest version of OS (.103) yet (crosses fingers and knocks on wood)

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