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New Blackberry Ideas&tips/8100/8700/8800 I Love Bb OK Here we go!! I Love my pearl. I ... Handheld Guides forum

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    New Blackberry Ideas&tips/8100/8700/8800 I Love Bb


    New Blackberry Ideas&tips/8100/8700/8800 I Love Bb
    OK Here we go!! I Love my pearl. I love it witha a passion i even sleep with it "on charge" onder my pillow. ANywasy as i looked online i saw some things which badmouth or misunderstand the Pearl/Blackberry.
    I am going to reveal some myths and give a few pointers:

    -to play all songs on phone/mem card:
    media, music, media card(for example), , press the BB button, PLAY ALL(nobody ever does this!!), and bb button again, and viola, playlist!! no need to press 4 and 6 to skip songs
    mute key -pause

    -now lets say you are in the playllist and you are on a song but want to fast forward, pause w/e, you dont want to scroll ALLLL the way down to access the music/video menu, just press space or "0" and you have access to the songs menu.

    download a free program called Blackberry video converter

    , it is the easiest thing in the world convert a 700mb movie in 10 mins to a mere 100-200 mb DVD quality movie and use windows explorer to transer the finished file to your phone. (not fond witha mac, so i dont noe)

    media controls:
    OP key to pause/resu,me
    4-previous, beginging of song
    6-next song/movie
    mute key-pause

    (in the main menu) clicking the bb button and "hide application" to flree up clutter. Also you can move it around to your liking. I keep opera and media in the corners and all my emails neatly lined up.

    __________________________________________________ _______________-

    YOU can edit your profiles, how loud your ringer is and all that by going into profiles and scrolling all the way down to Advanced.

    WHen in doubt, use the Help object, it is very underestimeated. It is located in the main menu. it is a yello questionmark.

    to delete apps, >menu>setting>advanced>applications, then highlight and delte what you dont need

    i have deleted some laguages that i dont use to free up space

    __________________________________________________ __________________
    in pictures,

    3 zooms in one step
    9 zooms out one step
    6 next
    4 prev
    1 zoom all way
    7 zoom out all way
    L rotate
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    hold "#" and then pres "sym" to lock in typing in numbers only, sorry no way to turn on caps lock

    hold the # button to go into vibrate, again to normal/loud

    hold mute to go into standby, you will still receive emails/calls while in standby, unless profile is "vibrate"

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    to qiuckly switch apps, kinda like a the start taskbar in windows, press and hold "Alt" and press the "undo" buttton. and click the undo button or nmove the ball/wheel to swiitch apps

    "End Call key" minimizes all apps and goes to main menu.

    WARNING:THE FOLLOWING MAY VOID Warrenty, use at own risk, not at my expenSe!!!!
    Even though i may/may not use all these following tips and tricks, i am not endorsing anything.

    i reccomend the silicon case for the pearl for protection and maintaining its good looks

    dam they wont let me post links!!!! i came up with this one:
    us e a peice of clear plastic or tape to prevent some water/dirt from getting into phone and camera:
    it is actually clear but i used a bright setting so it can glare so you all can see

    and this screen protector
    dam they wont let me post links!!!!this thing is the greatest screen protector in the world it will not scratch and wont come off easily unless u need to clean it., then just slip a paper under it!

    THank guys for reading!! (all the way to the bottoM!) post if you have any tips or idead you have for your bb!!
    pinstack 2007!!! WOOOOO!!!

    (for the pic of my super easy/warrenty-free no dirt mod, see the pic at my other bbpinstack post!)))

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    Re: New Blackberry Ideas&tips/8100/8700/8800 I Love Bb

    Cool, thanks for the thread of information
    ~A BlackBerry without a data plan is just a berry without the crack.~
    Links to common questions.

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    Re: New Blackberry Ideas&tips/8100/8700/8800 I Love Bb

    You can have the caps lock on. Just hold down the caps key and press the green send key TWICE. This will take you to the phone screen. Hit the back button once to get back to your message and your caps will be locked. However, it's hard to enter punctuation when caps are locked. Also, you can HOLD the caps button down with one finger and type with your other finger. This works well, but I type with my thumbs and sometimes it's hard to type on the right side of keyboard with two thumbs on one side. ~via BB (

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    i have a pearl,what are you considering the BB button?

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