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Originally Posted by sweetkalena Thank U to everyone I believe I stumbled upon the best ... Handheld Guides forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetkalena View Post
    Thank U to everyone I believe I stumbled upon the best site and group of people ever. I have yet to be disappointed here. I love all the input from everyone here. I know when I log on I will be learning something new. I've been havin problems with memory too I've opted to delete many apps I clear all the cache n cookies n my activity logs but had to go thru each contact one by one to do so. When ur talkin bout thes event log would that be the same as the activity log?
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    No, the event log is a log containing a list of system events, such as the device connecting to a server, accessing a data module, etc. When you say contacts, are you referring to your incoming/outgoing/missed calls?
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    Incoming/outgoing/text messages ect sometimes when I delete these items from that particular area and I check my activity log on my contacts they are still there so I go thru each contact, check that activity log and delete from there also. I dunno maybe when I got the phone and messed up majorly, got the dreaded app error and had to do a total wipe of the phone and lost all of the blackberry original apps I lost somethin I needed so I wouldn't have to do the extra step? -shrug-
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