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Mac Click on My Blog and follow the link to "How to....when device is not ... Handheld Guides forum

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    Click on My Blog and follow the link to "How to....when device is not recognized"

    You may find help there...
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    Sounds like Lava and Gary need to get there act together and combine there two very useful threads into one great and amazing guide.
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    cherri, the link on first post on this page doesnt download anything. it comes up as a search....please help

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    Smile wiping a Tmobile BB

    Everything Lavagirl says is good info. These are some additional thoughts as I just wiped a BB8820 T mobile and is specifically for that BB. To download JL_Cmder from this site you must be a registered member. T mobile only has a 4.2 operating system for the 8820. You will need to go to Blackberry's site and download version 4.5 of the handheld operating system. Make sure you delete the vendor.xml file from program files\common files\research in motion\apploader if you never installed the operating system for the handheld it will not be on the pc.
    I used the BB 4.7 desk manger and backed up my files.
    Then run the JL_Cmder using restore to factory settings.
    I was unable to revert my Handheld operating system and did a complete wipe using JL_Cmder.
    I could not install the 4.2 software from T mobile's web site and learned that YOU MUST REVERT YOUR DESK MANAGER TO 4.3.
    After doing this the operating system came back ( follow the instructions )
    This is not for the impatient of faint of heart - uploading and downloading takes more than 6 hrs

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    I just got a blackberry curve and when I turn on the phone the hour glass sits there for a long time and then it says JVM ERROR 102 RESET. I hooked my phone up to the computer and its still saying the error message. HELP WHAT DO I DO ?

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    How do I tell if the battery is dead or almost dead. I keep loosing the connection when attached with the USB cable. The little clock keeps coming on and then the light comes on and I loose the connection. If the battery is dead how do I charge it with no OS on the 8820. Thanks lots of info.

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    I tried this, my bold shows no indication of turning on at all, the red light doesn't turn on and the screen doesn't turn on i let it charger over night to see if that would work but it doesn't help. i did a battery pull and now it does nothing at all! somebody please help me

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    when i did this mine says reload software:507,, is that normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jyoomvp View Post
    when i did this mine says reload software:507,, is that normal?
    Yes, completely normal, now you reinstall the device software by downloading the version you want to your PC and using the Desktop Manager to reload the OS.
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    i pressed number 4 to do w whipe down. it did the wipe down i installed new os. and still it policy? it wont go away

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    mustange, there a couple of threads in the Technical Support Blog link in my signature that will assist you in removing the IT policy, which I am assuming is your issue. Please post back if you need further assistance.

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