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    How to: Track Message Delivery Time


    Use a built-in feature of BlackBerry to monitor message delivery times
    How can you determine whether your BlackBerry platform is working and delivery times are "normal"? This is not an easy question to answer. You could send yourself a test message and manually watch your device for it to arrive. However, a successful test may indicate that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that your device is homed on is functioning properly, but there may be other BES servers in your architecture that aren't functioning optimally.
    Also, if there is a delay in receiving your test message, is the delay a normal duration or is it a significant delay that requires further troubleshooting?
    You can use the built-in message delivery confirmation feature to build a simple delivery time–monitoring tool to create a benchmark for message delivery times in your BlackBerry platform.

    Requirements for This Hack
    You'll need a functioning BlackBerry to which messages will be sent. This can be your own device, although it's best if you obtain another device just for this purpose. Ideally, the device could be stored in a secure place that has consistent wireless coverage—otherwise, your delivery times will be skewed as the device goes in and out of wireless coverage.
    You will also need an automated way to send an email through some point in your network. It's best to send the test messages through the outermost point possible from your device—perhaps an external facing SMTP mail gateway that can deliver a message to your mail server. This allows your delivery times to reflect a worst-case scenario. On the other hand, you may want to confine your data as close as possible to your BlackBerry infrastructure—in effect removing as many factors as possible from the equation. In this case, you should relay the messages through the closest point to your mail server.

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    Re: How to: Track Message Delivery Time

    ~via BB ( geez that is crazy and looks like lots of work. Its not as hi-tech but I just put <confirm> in as the subject and it sends me an email right back once it is received on the mail server end

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