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Thanks to ths post, I don't have to buy my apps again....have done it once ... Handheld Guides forum

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    Big Thanks.


    Thanks to ths post, I don't have to buy my apps again....have done it once already for not knowing to look for posts like this.

    Thanks folks.....

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    Question Example of your App Backup method

    Quote Originally Posted by azstar View Post
    I should re-do the Ultimate guide to backing up your third party apps guide. The guy that did it moved his images so the links are broken and the screen shots were really helpful. I always just save the .cod files from my bb to my pc then modify a copy of an .alx file to load the new app. You can actually save the .cods, create an .alx and put them together into a folder and load them just like any app you have downloaded as a zip file. Once you do a few it becomes pretty easy. I save all my themes and games purchased from bplay and similar sites this way.
    Would you mind giveing me an example of how you save the .cod files from your bb to your pc? Then how do you modify a copy of the .alx file to load the new app? Additionally how do you save the .cods, create the .alx and place both in a folder to load just like any app you've downloaded.
    I know parts of my request may seem elementary, but I ask about your procedure because, I regularly create the 3rd party app backup like 'pdxmatts' outlines. I never needed any until last week. I had the same problem as 'Subarudude' when I tried to reinstall the backup .alx with application loader. Continually got the error "No additional applications designed for your device were found" and there was no way around. I don't wipe my device like 'Subarudude' was doing. I just reload the Desktop Mgr backup I created and then try to add the "(MyBBpin).alx" file...note that .alx is not empty.

    I feel I need an alternative 3rd Party backup procedure, as you described, and would like to ensure I'm following what you commonly do down to the finest detail.

    In my opinion, the less than stellar Desktop Manager is totally lacking in it's inability to automatically backup the device 3rd party applications.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


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