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    Text Programs


    Notify friends where you are and send a text message to several friends at once. Also a lookup feature for bars and restaurants. If several friends aren't signed up for Dodgeball, the mass text-messaging isn't much use.

    Google SMS, Yahoo Mobile

    Just about anything. Get directions, stock prices, weather and more.

    Send Query To:
    Google: 46645
    Yahoo: 92466

    Mapquest for MassTransit. Send 2 addresses and it sends back subway and bus directions. Currently ONLY works in: New York, Boston, Washington and San Fransisco

    Comparison shop from anywhere. Send a message of what you are looking for and it sends back the price and average review rating from

    Send Query To:

    Recieve custom traffic reports daily with delay estimates and incident reports.

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    Re: Text Programs

    bumping this back up for its useful information.

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    Re: Text Programs

    Just to add to the great sites above, I have found this site to be a great site to be able to send text messages on a certain day or time to your friends or co-workers. Or just keep track of all your appointments, meetings and things to do.

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