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Yesterday I discovered that a spammer sent 2 emails from my hotmail account to people ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    Spam/virus problem?


    Yesterday I discovered that a spammer sent 2 emails from my hotmail account to people I know. Both emails showed up in my hotmail sent items folder. I haven't been able to figure out how they did this.

    The most puzzling thing for me is who they sent the spam to. The spam was sent to about 64 email address. They are all addresses I know. But they aren't all in a contacts list of mine. None of them were in my hotmail contacts list (that list is empty). Some of them are from my Outlook address book that I sync with my BlackBerry. Some of them were from my MSN address book. And one of them was someone I had emailed from my gmail account, but not in my gmail contacts list.

    I did a little searching and found a few other people had the same problem in the past few weeks. Well, almost the same. They all say the spam was sent to everyone in their address book.

    I did a complete search for a virus, but nothing was found.

    The header of the spam emails shows that it originated from an IP address in China.

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    This is a not so malicious virus. What it does is you first get a email from someone that somehow knows you and its spam so you open it first b/c you know the person and once you do that the deed is done it looks at your address book(s) and sends emails out to those individual but keep in mind that with the age of the virus people get there hands on it and recode it to do other things other than that in other words mutated.

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    ^^ agreed. Basically somehow it tracts the emails and creates a list for you.

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    There are all kinds of places in your machine from where it can lift off email addresses...

    Actually a BB helps in various ways. The other day I received a phishing email -- it went to a yahoo email of mine but I opened it on my BB. Sure enough -- thanks to BB not rendering HTML all links were spelled out, and it was evident the text
    was mentioning one site but the link was going to quite another -- a continent and an ocean away

    I also feel much safer opening attachments on my BB rather than on a PC!

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