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Does anybody have any clue how to enable sending of HTML emails? I am using ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    Sending HTML emails with BES


    Does anybody have any clue how to enable sending of HTML emails?

    I am using BES, Handheld version

    I can receive HTML, but cannot send. Only comes through as Plain text...

    It must be a BES setting, but I am lost...

    Please help.
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    You might wanna check Blackberry's support site, but I'm not sure if you can send html emails

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    Here's the other thread if anyone else has any ideas, I'm open to ideas, but I don't think it can be done without some 3rd party signature software installed on the server that generates an HTML format signature like the user he is referring to has, which will then turn the email into HTML. By by default, you can't choose for a new outgoing email to be in HTML format. A reply however will be.

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    Answer the question I posted in the original post and we'll continue trying to troubleshoot your issue.
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