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Will someone tell me why Apple and RIM have yet to get together in a ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    RIM & Apple


    Will someone tell me why Apple and RIM have yet to get together in a major way?

    I mean pocket pc is everywhere, but we still have to have a third party company (God Bless em) to even sync our beloved crackberries with a mac!

    It makes sense that the two companies with most infectious mobile devices and who have help ushered in new philosphies toward life would link up together to put the proverbial "SMACK DOWN" on the technology world. So what the heck is the problem?

    RIM + MAC = Touchdown!

    Somebody please listen to this: push back the 7100i, load iTunes mobile and Quicktime on the thing, add some tweaks that we hadn't thought of, and release it the Day after Thanksgiving ( I know that Nextel units are usually released on the first of the month, but this time it warrants an exception). It isn't exactly operating software, but then I don't believe that is what we need anyway. But I do believe that there is much that can be gained from the collaboration of both companies.

    I love my 7520, but I need just a tad more fun out of my unit. Just a little.
    And I like the idea of not having to carry an iPod around.

    Just a thought.
    Extraordinary must be ordinary

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    yea i know makes you wonder dosn't it.

    at least there's:

    for now

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    I gotta tell ya, an Mp3 player for the BB would be amazing. i am really excited about the 8700; but an Mp3 player with Bluetooth headsets would just freaking Rock!!!!!!!
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