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Originally Posted by EricaJ1073 Gotta consider medical insurance. I tried to get a cupholder covered ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    Re: Next Big Purchase


    Quote Originally Posted by EricaJ1073
    Gotta consider medical insurance. I tried to get a cupholder covered and got denied because it was considered an accessory, not a medical need.
    Cup Holder not a medical need, Don't they know about my caffine addiction, it's right up there with my BB addiction. I'm totally lost if i miss either. I would need a cup holder and a Built in BB holder.

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    Re: Next Big Purchase

    I'm working on a BB Harness for my steering wheel on the Dodge to hold it right in the center of the air bag deployment area so i can type and drive at the same time without swerving all over the road.

    BTW..does anyone else drive with their forearms while using their BB?

    Erica, what about one of those "window" cup holder thingies from like AutoZone or something like that.. I'll try to get ahold of my sister and see what she uses cuz i know hers doesn't have a built in cup holder.
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    Re: Next Big Purchase

    Cap, I already have a power chair.

    Rc, I got one on the chair I'm looking to replace now, when it was originally purchased. The problem is that the company that made them no longer makes them. I hate having to ask someone to carry a drink for me or stick it in between my legs just to be able to move around in the manual chair (I'm very independent and want to do as much for myself as I can).

    Thanks Jaded

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