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There's a company in Miami by the name of SoluNet. One of their Network Engineers ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    Just met a fellow addict.


    There's a company in Miami by the name of SoluNet. One of their Network Engineers came to work with us ( ) on some network security changes. Anyway just went to discuss something with this guy and there I see him with his chin on his chest thumbin' on an 8700c like there's no tomorrow!

    Turn's out he's an old school BB user. Started with with 900 series.

    Added him on BB messenger, told him about but he already found us and visits. Told him he should signup and not just browse like most guest.

    Which reminds me... Last week a new member emailed me, said they been visiting for about 6 months and just signed up. Go figure. Guess there's a lot to access even without membership. However, as we stackers know the best of pinstack is after you click 'register'.

    Too bad BB's are so secure eh? Cause i could just take his!! but then I would NEVER be able to register it for BIS or BES email service = busted! I'm PROUD that BB's are probably the most secure device of their kind.

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    Re: Just met a fellow addict.

    LOL. The only people I have met with BBs are co workers. Some like and use them more than others. Most only get work stuff on thiers. I only have 1 non pinstacker on my BB messenger and he is the PC tech at my work
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    Re: Just met a fellow addict.

    LOL I'm a lonely college student/BB user here in TX. Only other people in TX I have actually seen using them are doctors and dental students when I was going for special treatment at a facility other than my regular dentist office. Everyone else I've seen using them is online in this and a few other online places.

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    Re: Just met a fellow addict.

    Other than a couple of ICS guys at my co, I know nobody with a BB.

    I'm doing my utmost to tell everyone about the benefits of BB's. Almost convinced at least one person, so it's not all in vain! LOL
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    Re: Just met a fellow addict.

    Most of the BB users I meet have them only for work. No one is as obsessive as me though. My friend said if it had a [woman's body part] I'd never put it down.

    And this week I'm extra nerd cause I'm carrying my 8700g and still my 7100i till I sell it.

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    Re: Just met a fellow addict.

    I've just got my other half a bb, she's just started a new job and travels loads now, so sometimes only get to see her on weekends.instead of txting she can now pin me and we've saved loads of money over the last month ~Posted via BB (

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