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Ok, quick little story. I work for a car dealership as many of you may ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    I love computers...


    Ok, quick little story.

    I work for a car dealership as many of you may know with a branch in Nashville and the main dealerships located in/around Chicago. (Have others but thats the main area of operations).

    Anyways, come in this morning and like every morning I browse through the inventory at all the dealerships to see if anything new has popped up or something a client might be interested.

    All the dealerships are set up on one main server so we can log in and see what each other have, specs, list pricing, blah blah blah.

    Anyways, while I am going through the inventory this morning I glance at an NSX and see that it says Nashville as the location?

    Ok, maybe just an error in the system so overlook it. But then come across a forrest green H1. Says its at the Nashville location also? What the? No way these cars could be here without me knowing about it....

    SOOOOO....I log into our location and look at our inventory...None of the cars listed at our location are at our location.

    Have no idea how this happened. Main office says that its a crash up there and when they got the servers back up, some how it switched all different locations.

    Our inventory is showing up as Lake Forrest. Lake Forrest showing up as Orlando Florida. Orlando showing up as Gold Coast. Gold Coast showing up as Dallas. Etc Etc Etc.

    Not too bad, but here's the problem. If we have a customer looking for a specific vehicle, and we run an inventory search on it, it may show that it's in the Gold Coast location. When in all actuality it could be in Dallas or better yet, actually sitting at our location.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA....I love computers. Nothing I can do...Will just sit here till they call and say they finally got it straightned out.

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    Re: I love computers...

    that keeps the rest of us IT types in business lol

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    Re: I love computers...

    Job security for IT...
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    Thumbs up Re: I love computers...

    Thats hilarious! Good ole modern technology! Ya gotta luv it!

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    Re: I love computers...

    Sorry to hear about that n8.... Hope they fix everything out soon.
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