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Odd problem, hoping someone has seen this. Using a blackberry 8820, OS 4.5, on a ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    Lightbulb folder redirection disappearing


    Odd problem, hoping someone has seen this.

    Using a blackberry 8820, OS 4.5, on a BES, client outlook 2007 synching through the BES wirelessly.

    Problem: folder redirection rules occasionally disappear from the blackberry itself.

    I have outlool rules that filter incoming messages to various folders and those rules are server side. Using the blackberry desktop manager I can see the folders and select those same folders to be redirected to the blackberry, and checking the "folder redirection" on the blackberry itself i can see they are selected. The problem begins when I edit the redirection rules on the blackbery itself instead of via the desktop manager. When I edit them and save them if I check back in a few minutes on the "folder redirection" screen it seem the other rules that I did not edit have all disappeared (deselected). Sometimes this happens as well if I edit the rules using the desktop manager when it is plugged in and then remove the blackberry, after some time the rules disappear as well so I have to plug it in a second time and re-select the rules that vanished, apply the changes and then they remain. Has anyone seen this problem before?

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    It sounds like desktop managers folder redirection settings and outlooks are conflicting. Try disabling all of your syncronization options on desktop manager if that doesn't work try reinstalling desktop manager and choosing the option for using a bes. Everything email and folder related should be controlled by outlook and the bes. I'm assuming that outlook is configured to use rpc over https or is on the same network as the server?
    Let me know if you have any problems and ill try helping you out more.

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