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Since it entered the beta testing phase late last year, Firefox 3 has seen a ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    Firefox 3 Trounces IE, Opera and Safari in Memory Tests


    Since it entered the beta testing phase late last year, Firefox 3 has seen a steady reduction in the amount of memory the browser consumes on the desktop. Now only weeks from a final release, Mozilla's Firefox 3 has been shown to use significantly less memory than Internet Explorer 7 or Opera — long the browser to beat when it comes to memory use.

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    I quit using IE7 when I downloaded our chat room thing, couldn't get it to work, fellow stacker pointed me in the direction of firefox and I haven't looked back. yesterday ff gave me something to update (or maybe it was from one of my other programs) and I downloaded it....ended up being safari. Haven't used it yet, what does everyone think of it??
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    How do you download firefox to a BB

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    I switched to Firefox a while back from IE and have had no issues with it. I recently downloaded Safari for Windows and was not that impressed with it.It froze up a few times while loading pages. I'll stick with Firefox for the time being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goboy6 View Post
    How do you download firefox to a BB
    As of now, there is no way to put Firefox on a BB.

    With regards to Safari, it's great on a Mac. But even on my Mac I end up running Firefox since I like having the same browser regardless if I'm in Linux, Windows or Mac. I do wish they had a version for mobile devices...
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    This is great news. Firefox all too often takes quite a bit of my memory (sometimes over 100MB). I feel it's long overdue, as it's one of my only gripes with Firefox

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    Firefox rules. I hate having to use IE for the websites that won't work with FF.

    IE started crashing all the time, which was the final straw for me.
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