Hi Everyone,

I have a form which two menu items "New Line Activity" and "Submit" with the following controls. I am developing the solution Visual Studio 2008 plug-in

Callnum (variable)
linenum (variable)
status (combo box)
comment(text box)

The user can click new activity, the callnumber is populate and the line number is populated with one behind the scenes Then the user clicks a value from the status combo box and writes some comments on the comment box and can click "New Line Activity" What I want to do is to loop thru and persist the data while the user is still in the form and until the "Submit" is clicked. The data will look as follws when it is sent to the data base.
CallNUm Line Status Comment
1 1 inprocess sent message
1 2 quote given not finalized yet

How do I do this?

Appreciate help

Thanks in advance