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    Changing jobs. Any CISSP or CCNP folks on here?


    [FONT=Times New Roman]Well after 14 years of Active duty in the Navy I’m getting out. I broke my back last year while on the ship and the physical therapy that they had me doing was not showing significant improvements and the doctor has recommended me for medical separation. I just got a call from the Hospital that my medical board results are in and I will be separated in the next couple of months. I have been working on my CISSP as I would like to specialize in network security. I currently have my CCNA, A+ and Network + certs plus 10 years doing network administration, and two years doing AIS network security. I was just wondering if any of you guys work in the field and could give me advice on what to work on (other certs) and how you like what you do. I could also use a CISSP mentor or someone who is working as a CISSP to tell me what the “really” do so I will know if that’s the right road for me. I have no experience in the civilian side and am a little intimidated looking at what companies are requesting on the different job sites. I picked Network security because as a network administrator I felt the supply was starting to out weigh the demand and the security side still seemed to hold its prestige and pay demand. I also have a current top secret/ SCI clearance. Any help or advice would be appreciated. [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]Jeff[/FONT]

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    Re: Changing jobs. Any CISSP or CCNP folks on here?

    I've been doing security work for over 20+ years. Since you already have the TS Clearance, you have a great foot in the door already to work at the NSA. I would recommend that you contact them ASAP and get your foot in the door. They are always looking for people and the clearance is just 1 MAJOR step they don't need to worry about. You still might need to do the poly as I believe that's standard.

    As far as certs go, don't take this the wrong way but I wipe my arse with them. Better then 90% of the people that I've hired or worked with in the past that had them had no clue what real world ment. Sure the cert will get you more $ but if you can't prove your REAL WORLD worth then you'll get blacklisted in the security community nice and quick. Then try to get a job without getting called in just for us, I mean the company to laugh in your face.
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