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I am interested in the sales of BB/PDA accessories, repairs and other related services. Please ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    Business Idea Information


    I am interested in the sales of BB/PDA accessories, repairs and other related services.
    Please advice me on where and what trainings that could assist me on this.

    Thank you

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    Umm I'm not sure if this will directly help you but RIM offers certifications for BlackBerry that acknowledge your skills in various aspects of Blackberry. I'm sure having one (or multiple) of these would only benefit you.

    BlackBerry Certifications

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    If you are considering accessories you might want to look at how many competitors are out there (Yes this includes eBay,, physical stores) and how YOUR products are different than the ones inside Verizon, BestBuy etc. One thing you might want to see is do consumer usually purchase their cases when they purchase their phones together when they activate their phone or do they usually buy more afterwards? As for Blackberry, I can assure you, majority people buy their cases when they do their activation to protect their brand new phone. Majority of the people does not hang out in cell phone forums

    If you sell services, who is your target market? Consumer, Corp.? If its consumer, you may not need to have all the fancy RIM Certification to teach consumers how to use their devices. But if you want to target Corp. then you better start looking at RIM's certification. Whether thats for repairs, training or tech support.

    Bottom line, you need to start off with a business plan, that will help you answer a lot of questions and which direction your business will go.

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    You should use the affiliate service and give your add in to any famous site, Site should be related your gadget.It will be very helpful in growth your business. use it soon.
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    Probably affiliate service will give good scope for you to develop and moreover,it could be the best thing to do up.

    Insurance reviews

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    Hello there,

    first of all, I want to say that it is neat that you want to start a business in doing this. I've been self employed for five going on six years now, and I'd love to offer some advice that will surely work.

    1. Use Google. In this instance, Google is your very best friend. Search all you want to know and learn all that you can. Also is also very helpful.
    2. Go to Freelance sites. Going to these sites will enable you to find a number of professionals who will be able to help you in your endeavors, such as marketing and writing needs.
    3. Make sure you have a good and solid business plan written. can lend a lot of insight as ot how to write one out. You can take this business plan to a loan officer and get a small business loan to start up your company. If a loan is not an option, you can get into some affiliate programs selling such accessories. In this case, you'll learn a whole lot about the business.

    I hope that this helps you out. I hope that all goes well.

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    Good afternoon,

    If the original poster of this thread is still in need of assistance with this dilema, please contact me and I will help you.

    If Hayden or any of the other moderators read this and know who I am, I'm NOT spamming...just replying to the question
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    you should sell them on ebay as well and one another option is that you create an auction site and auction your products. The benefit you can take is that you put some specific amount on per bid a user makes. suppose 0.5 cent per bid

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