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I haven't gone back and read any of mine... might have to try it sometime.... IT & Business Pros forum

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    Re: Bloggers!


    I haven't gone back and read any of mine... might have to try it sometime.
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    Re: Bloggers!

    ... I just thought of something. Is it just me or do many blog users seem to blog only for attention? I see it quite often, like on digg, where people post an article from say CNN on their blog and then link to their blog. They could have easily posted the link directly to the real story.

    It's like all they want is attention, I dunno... It's kind of wierd as I'm seeing it more and more, duplicate storys posted on everyones blog... If they provided the story and their opinion it wouldn't be so bad.

    Just to note: I don't think the people on here with a blog just want attention; and there are valid blogs... I'm just getting irritated by all the people who only repost a story without adding anything remotely meaningful to the table. For me its like; why would you just repost some news story unless your only trying to get traffic so you can show off your "l33t skillz0rz" with your (most of the time generated) html codes.

    I think if they wanted attention they should just delete the blog and replace it with a video of them bashing their head on the keyboard while shoving the mouse up their rear end. lol - Surely I would visit their website then and I'm sure they would get alot of attention.
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    Re: Bloggers!

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    I personaly never thought of it as a form attention. All the blogs that I have created are private*nd or belong to the contributors. Who are family, friends, and employees.

    I would have to agree with you in the sense that someone else's blog would be meaningless to me. I am sure they would think the same of mine.

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