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    BES & Exchange problem


    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the help in the past. I have a new problem, maybe someone could shed some light. A users Mailbox was soon as that happened, all message redirection on his BB stopped. I tried to reactivate his device but it would not worked. Tried battery pull, swapping SIMS, swapping providers, removing and adding from the BES, scrubbing local database...nothing worked.

    The only thing that worked was rebooting the BES. Can anyone explain what happened? Why it happened? Is there a way of fixing that issue without rebooting the server?


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    by rebooting the BES it restarted the services it uses to connect to the Exchange server(s). When you add a user to the BES it imports the Exchange x400 path ( I am 90% sure ) which is unique to each Exchange server. When you move a user from one Exchange server to another the X400 path changes thus BES can't talk to the mailbox because its no longer on the original server.
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