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What is BB Reply and how do I use it? Appreciate the info.... IT & Business Pros forum

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    BB Reply


    What is BB Reply and how do I use it? Appreciate the info.
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    Re: BB Reply

    I have it and dont like it. The reason I dont like it is because when I set my reply to address the response will still come back to the original email address. I have given up on it.

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    Re: BB Reply

    Here is a thread that talks about some issues with BBReply.
    Here is the link to put in your BB Browswer if you want to try it.

    I have not yet tried it, but it appears there are many people (including CP) that it doesn't work for.

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    Re: BB Reply

    ~via SUPA BB (

    I used to use it but the new BIS let's me choose my sent from email on a new message. To the OP, what carrier are you on? If tmobile just set up the account you want to use online through your BIS. Then when sending an email go to the top and change the from to the address you want to use. And since you have the account that you want to use set up, it will reply from that address by itself. I see no need for BBReply anymore.

    (Hope this made sense, my coffee isn't done yet)

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