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Ok not Sure if any of you know about this but here it goes.. I ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    Any Suggestions/Help!!!


    Ok not Sure if any of you know about this but here it goes..

    I have a PSP and am trying to get my mic to work on Socom FTB(Fire Team Bravo) I have ADSL connection and am Using WIFI max To access The Internet through my psp I can play Socom online fine but my headset icon is red in game and cant hear/talk with anyone. I have my mic plugged into my remote as it says to.

    I have been reading for about 3 hours on the net but all the Mic help for socom is for routers like linksys... etc. Not WIFI Max Dongle.

    Any Suggestions? If not thanks anyways lol Im gonna go rip some more hair out!!! (nevermind im Bald) LOL

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    Re: Any Suggestions/Help!!!

    Im sorry dfc, Im actually in the process of buying a PSP from someone and I barely know any of the controls on the device. Wish I could be more help.

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