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Just wondering.. In the back of my head for YEARS I've been wondering about becoming ... IT & Business Pros forum

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    Any IT Recruiters here? (or Managers that work w/ them?)


    Just wondering.. In the back of my head for YEARS I've been wondering about becoming an IT Recruiter... early on in my IT career I interviewed with a place, but I was so new to IT at the time, it was all so overwhelming and really wanted to give a real IT position a try... its now about 10 years later, I'm the manager of an IT department (previously a manager of a help desk in my last 2 roles) and I'm wondering if I'm bored of IT in this capacity or just bored of this job (after 7 months) and I'm starting to re-think being an IT recruiter. If anyone here is one, I'd love to just pick your brain a bit and find out more about the job, the expecations, and the stuff I don't know.. At my last 2 places (before this one) I worked with recruiters to bring in most of my hires...

    I think my "fear" is going backwards - I make a good living and good money now and I'm not in a position to take a huge (or even small) step backwards in order to "try something" out. Family, mortgage, car payments, etc - I don't have the luxury of experimenting, because if it didn't work out there aren't tons of jobs doing what I'm doing now...

    I'm not really what you'd consider a sales guy, but I think I do come off that way more than I think. I sell myself very well on interviews (hence the jump/change in positions so far), and back those 10 years ago when i briefly looked into it, a guy from an agency approached me because he thought I'd be a good fit (after interviewing me for a tech position)...

    Anyway - I'm also curious to hear what an IT Manager thinks of a recruiter.. Like I mentioned, I have worked w/ them in the past and I have my own opinion of them, but I'm curious of what others think.. I don't want a job thats thought of as a nuisance or salesman... The people I dealt with weren't pushy or bad in any way, but I might've lucked out.. What's the general perception of recruiters?

    Anyway - I know I've babbled alot, but if anyone out there has any suggestions/advice, I'd love to hear.. Feel free to post here or PM me...

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    Re: Any IT Recruiters here? (or Managers that work w/ them?)

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