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I was just wondering, after searching (probably not enough)...I didn't find anything to say that ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Will 4.2 be out for 72xx and earlier?


    I was just wondering, after searching (probably not enough)...I didn't find anything to say that it's not.

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    Since they arent releasing it for the 8700 series yet, i would imagine if it was going to be avail for others it might take a while.
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    I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt release a 4.2 for anything less than the 7130. Never know though.

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    I think that nothing less than the 87xx and 7130g/c has the processor power or memory capacity to run 4.2.

    But further to that, with the unexpected and unprecedented popularity of the Pearl, and the anticipated release of the 8800, in whatever flavour(s) it will take, I suspect that RIM will never release 4.2 for anything but 8100/8800 and beyond.

    I mean, what's the point? RIM sells hardware. They make money when users buy new handhelds. The better business model would be to get people wanting a new software which can only run on new hardware.

    I think that if the Pearl had not been as popular as it was, 4.2 OS would already be available for 7130g/c and 87xx.

    So don't bother holding your breath.

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