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    What does the PLATFORM mean?


    I'm a newbie and taking in as much as I can. I've been able to do some hacking and tweaking but I'd like to know what the PLATFORM means with respect to the phones. for example, I have an Alltel BB8830 V4.2.2.123 (Platform and also a Verizon BB8830 V4.2.2.148 (Platform Can I flash my Alltel one to the Verizon software Platform and not run into any problems? I'm guessing that's the latest software but not sure if I can go from one platform to another. I would appreciate some guidance while I look for the answer here in the forums. I've already updated the .alx file ot unlock all the themes, also. Thanks.

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    Re: What does the PLATFORM mean?

    Im not sure what "Platform" means, maybe it is the name for the entire OS pack. Anyways, you can use any cdma OS on your BB, as long as you delete the vendor.xml file.

    Good luck.

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    Re: What does the PLATFORM mean?

    As far as I know, it's the firmware part of the OS update.
    It's all the basic stuff required to run the somewhat hardware-independant Java OS and apps.

    Anyway, you don't need to worry about that.
    You should NOT try and mix a firmware file (.sfi) and an app bundle (*.cod) from different releases.
    Just use the whole release as packaged by RIM.
    Any OS release made available by RIM works with any carrier, as long as you get rid of the carrier-lock as cp6169 said.

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