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Hi guys, I am currently supporting a small number of Balckberry devices (about 30) and ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Question Upgrade multiple device's from one PC


    Hi guys,

    I am currently supporting a small number of Balckberry devices (about 30) and would like to know the best way to update the device software. The problem I have is that we currently have 4 different sets of devices, 8707g, Pearl, 8700 and 8800.

    Is there a way to update all of these devices from one PC? I dont want to be installing the relavent software on each persons PC/Laptops, I would rather be able to put all of the device software versions centrally and then when I want to update someone's software I can juts plug it in and off I go.

    Does anyone know if this is possible and how I would go about doing it?


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    Re: Upgrade multiple device's from one PC

    If you set up Desktop Manager (for BIS to prevent accidental reassignment of a device) and install all the OS's you need, you should be able to just run the Application Loader stand alone (don't run Desktop Manager), detect the device and the appropriate OS will automatically be selected. Simply run:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe

    RIM has a How To on using a shared Network computer to accomplish this, but you still need to install the BlackBerry Device Manager on the computer that the device is plugged in to. The article is here.

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    Re: Upgrade multiple device's from one PC

    I support about 17 devices an update all of them from my one Notebook PC.

    1. I install the latest Desktop Manager.
    2. Then I uninstall Device O/S software (Nextel, T-Mo, ATT, etc)
    3. Install just the one Device O/S software package I need (takes about 1 minute)
    4. Connect the user's BB to my notebook via USB cable.
    5. Launch Desktop Manager
    6. ESC past my IBM Lotus Notes/Domino login (ESC past prompt to move my BES account to the new handheld PIN, if prompted)
    7. ESC past App Loader prompt to load new apps.
    8. use backup/restore to take a full backup of the device to a .ipd file. (for disaster recovery, if needed)
    9. verify the .ipd file was saved and is correctly populated. (for disaster recovery, if needed)
    10. use Java Loader/JL_Cmdr to backup any 3rd party apps (for disaster recovery, if needed)
    11. Launch App loader from Desktop Manager. Upgrade the O/S and verify the process restored all of the data and settings. If anything went wrong. start standard disaster recovery procedures.

    1. If I need to upgrade a different device or different carrier's device, I go into Add/Remove programs in Windows XP Pro, uninstall any BB Device O/S program listed, then install the one I need for the current device (takes about 1 minute(, and repeat the above procedure.
    Domino 6.5.6FP1 | BES 4.1.4

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