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Hi. I tried the betas for 4.5 and as a result mess all my appointments ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Lightbulb A suggestion to Blackberry OS 4.5 Install Options


    Hi. I tried the betas for 4.5 and as a result mess all my appointments in BB, because i had 3 email accounts and the OS installed 1 calendar option for each email, and i just need and use only one. Then i use the BB for one month and i created appointments with the 3 different emails without noticed this...a mess....anyway, it would be great if in the install options we can choose how many calendars we want to synch with the BB to avoid this mess. Just my humble opinion. Anyone having these issues/troubles with calendars?
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    ~via BB ( I have 3 email accounts as well but have selected on my Gmail account to sync the calendar. I also only enter my appointments etc through my BB, so maybe that's why I haven't experienced this issue. How do you schedule your appointments?

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