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I finally found a way to end it without changing my number. I had someone ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    stop all annoying calls


    I finally found a way to end it without changing my number. I had someone keep calling me, so I kept my BB on silent so I wouldn't hear the phone ring but doing that I missed other calls. I got youmail with ditchman so the caller would think the number had been disconnected, still called. Last night I made my own ringtone of nothing/total silence. I assigned it to that callers number. Now when that person calls, it does not ring and no message is left. ( although it is still recorded thru youmail, as a missed call but just for your records) You are no longer disturbed. Nice really nice! So if you have someone calling you that you don't want to hear from, that is the way to do it. You don't need a black and white list its not necessary.

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    I've done something similar and it's a really good idea!

    I found a way to do it without YouMail using a silent MP3 in a similar manner you described. I assigned the silent MP3 as my default ringtone and then created an exception for those who I wanted to have my phone ring. This worked best for me as I created three different exception groups. Work, Personal and Friends. This way, I have a ring tone for each group. Also, I can have different profiles such as work or home for example. My work profile rings for everyone while my home profile doesn't ring for work contacts.

    I still get the missed call notification, but keeping the default ring tone on silent means that anyone who I don't have in my phone or assigned doesn't ring. Perhaps not for everyone, but works great for me!
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    Youmail is 'da bomb!

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