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nothing works on my phone or im dumb. i bought a phone and it has ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    please help me remove the it policy


    nothing works on my phone or im dumb. i bought a phone and it has an it policy ive wiped my phone my carrier unblocked the sim to use over seas but it still has that darn it policy i cannot get online from it and it requires a password at every time please helppppppppppppppp. id appreciate it
    email me

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    Did you use jl cmdr?

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    you will have to run the JL_cmdr program on it if you have not already. Some IT policies can only be removed by the issuing party-e.g. whoever put the policy on will have to remove it

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    JL Commander WILL NOT remove IY policies. I posted this sometime back and it works.

    Blackberry unlock and IT Policy Help

    Unlocking the phone

    Recently i purchased several blackberry models a 5810, 6710 and 7280 all which were AT&T devices and i am currently using the 7280. My service is currently with cingular and i thought i might give some of my expereinces with the and how i got around the issues named in the thread title. Also please reply on this thread your successes with these issues. Now most of this info i found in other sources but i thought it would nice to put it in one place. Now, All three phones were locked with subsidy codes and i was able to get the code for the 5810 from cingular since it was an older device but be warned the newer the device the harder it is to get help from cingular and you may have to request the unlock several times. For the others i went to a site called and purchased the software for 21.50. The owner of the site sent me a progam and a user name a password for the progam. His is the cheepest price and he accepts paypal. Inceidentally these unlock programs only work with a usb cable, not a serial cable or a serial cable with a usb to serial adapter attached. if you download the program, first uninstall your blackberry desktop software and restart and allow the computer to pick up the blackberry as a new device. Windows will install a default driver and allow the unlock program to connect to it and within seconds it will give you the unlock code guaranteed. it worked for me on both the 6710 and 7280. If you purched a 7280 or any blackberry from the internet and it has an IT policy on it please read below to remove it or unlocking it while leaving the policy intact.

    IT Policies

    Unlocking while leaving the IT Policy Intact
    The 7280 i recieved from ebay had one on it which forced the unit to use a password to lock the device and it couldn't be disabled or the times changed for when it automatically locked the handheld. Alsoit came with the device locked and they didn't tell me what the password was. To solve this and unlock the phone basically wipe the handheld by entering the wrong password 10 times and it will diplay a count such as 1/10 etc etc and it will ask you several times to enter the word blackberry before it asks for the password. after entering the wrong password 10 times the handheld will wipe itself and ask for a new password. At this point do not do anything. Start the unlocking program from the link above and it will go into the phone and give you the unlock code. Write it down and then enter a password of your choice and then proceed to the options menu and select SIM Card from the list. Type on the handhelds key pad MEPD and a list of extra functions will appear. Next type on the hadhelds keypad MEP then press and hold the ALT key and press 2 key and the MEP key entry window will appear. enter the code will holding the ALT key to type in all number because it is a 16 digit NUMBER Sequence it is looking for and then press the enter key. If your phone has an IT Policy it may not give you a responce saying that the code was accpeted. The phone will restart itself and you will be in business.

    Removing an IT Policy

    Since my phone had one on it i wanted to remove it and here is how. now if you did the unlocking procedure and you removed the blackberry desktop software, please reinstall it and restart the computer before continuing. The first thing you need to do is download a file called POLICY.BIN , simply copy this text into address box of your browser to download it

    if the link is somehow broken let me know and i can e-mail it to you or you can check out the owners site which is at the bottem of this thread. Now when the download box appears it needs to be saved and left the (C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry) on your hard drive. Next you need to hit the start button and goto the run option in the start menu and type in REGEDIT and it the enter key. when the registry editor opens go to directory HKEY_Current_Users\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\PolicyManager only click the plus sign by the required to get the the correct one. The next step is to Right-Click the Policy Manager Folder and select New/String Value. Name the value Path. Now, Double-Click the Path Subkey and set Value Data. When the box appears copy this text C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\policy.bin and paste it in the required spot and save it and close the registry and sync your device and it will remove the IT Policy. As mentioned before all of this is a direct quote and can be found at

    giving props to it's owner it is a cool site but it was hard to find
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