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Originally Posted by reverendchewie I'm having the same issues with this release on my 8320 ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendchewie View Post
    I'm having the same issues with this release on my 8320 as I've had with all other releases of 4.5 with my memory card, stupid thing reboots every 2 minutes no matter what I do. I pulled the card before upgrading the os, formatted it once the upgrade was done, moved all my stuff back over to the memory card, put it back in my phone and boom, it reboots for no reason. I've tried everything possible, and this just doesn't make any sense. I'd be nice if T-Mobile would get off their asses and get the release for us done already.
    I think you've got some corrupt data on your media card. Might want to try the following which was posted by another Stacker (sherlockphones) a few weeks ago:

    1. Using Desktop Manager / Media Manager, copy the entire contents of your media card to your PC.

    2. Format the media card using your 4.5 device.

    3. Using Media Manager, I noticed that some of my pictures had nothing in the attributes column. Therefore, copy only those images that have attributes back onto the media card.

    That seems to have done it for me. Just as a test I put a couple pics on the media card that had nothing in the attribute column and my device started rebooting again.

    Within Roxio Media Manager, I used the top window to show the pictures on my PC and the bottom window to show my BB. The view defaults to "Thumbnails" because most people like that option. I changed it to to "Details" (select View\View As\Details).

    Looking at it in this view, you'll see that your pictures are listed with 5 columns of information. Specifically they are File Name, File Size, Date Created, Attributes, and Date Modified. For the majority of my pictures, the Attributes column lists the pixels, bits, and dpi (i.e. 2592x1944 pixels, 24-bit, 180 dpi) but I noticed that some of them had that column blank.

    Next I selected all of my pictures and then deselected those that had that column blank. When I transferred only the pictures with attributes information back to the media card it seems to have worked and I've had no problems since. Granted, this means I was not able to get all of my pictures back on the media card, but I only lost a few.

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    it took me a few days of playing with tha idea before i actually did this to my t-mobile 8320. lol, im tha person with tha kinda luck where anything and everything that cud go wrong, does. but i followed tha diresctions, and now my fone has a video recorder, and i can watch youtube (which i cudnt do b4). for sum reason, windows live is acting up, and i dunno what 2 to do about that. if any1 has any suggestions on how 2 fix it, id b really really grateful. also, it seems like it runs a lil slower. but overall, im happy

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