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    new bold or storm


    hey there fellow bb users! call me cheap or pragmatic but I want the new bold or storm but I want to get it @ a decently low price. The only issue of concen is that since i am not with verizon or at&t, i would have to buy it from them or unlocked-I'm looking at anywhere from $400-$700 out of pocket. I feel that is a bit much even though i am aware that these founds are capable of doing a helluva lot! is anyone able to hook me up w/ a decently priced bold or storm? if so, my pin is 23E286B6.

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    Well I don't know anyone that can hook you up with a decent price... But if you want any of the two either get the cash by working hard and saving, or do something a little more crazy like selling your TV or whatever... Or, wait a while for the prices to come down and get one then.but by the time that happens a better BB will probably be out. I do hope someone can hook you up. In the mean time, I suggest you start a piggyback everytime you get a new BB so whenever you want to upgrade it, just crack it open and there is your cash. Good luck and let us know if you get a good deal. ~via BB (

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