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Hey guys need your help again... Ok I have a used BB 7290 for t-mobile. ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Need some help again!!!!


    Hey guys need your help again... Ok I have a used BB 7290 for t-mobile. Now the previous owner used it and then switched back to his old B&W BB. Now my question
    is how can I delete his old email addresses that are still stored on the BB, being that I'm the new owner. I have two emails of my own stored but there are three of his email
    addresses that are still stored.

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    Re: Need some help again!!!!

    THanks for your question - good one.

    If you are still receiving his emails on the phone go to and remove his emails.

    If not and you just want to delete his messages from off the phone follow this:

    "Mailbox Clean up

    If your mailbox has size limits (Email quotas), you may be prohibited from sending (and in some organizations even receiving) any new email until you reduce the amount of email already present in your mailbox. Not being able to send an important email because your mailbox is full can be frustrating to say the least. Cleaning up your mailbox is generally much easier on a PC (where you may have better searching, sorting and archival tools), but you can do a lot of it from the Blackberry.

    Delete message that are no longer needed. These messages must not only be deleted on your handheld, but from your mailbox as well. To make sure you are deleting the messages on your mailbox, please review the ‘Specifying where messages are deleted’ aforementioned tip. After deleting the messages, you can click the thumbwheel and chose ‘Reconcile Now’ to speed up the process if needed, but please use this option sparingly as frequent use can degrade server performance. After deleting the messages, you may still need to remove them from your Deleted Items folder.

    To Purge/Empty Deleted Items:

    1) Go into Messages from the home screen.
    2) Click the thumbwheel and then select 'Options' from the menu.
    3) ** Scroll down and click on 'Email Reconciliation' with the thumbwheel.
    4) Click the thumbwheel again, and select 'Purge Deleted Items' from menu.

    ** NOTE: Older versions of the handheld software may not have sub-menu options like 'Email Reconciliation'. Simply skip over step #3 on those handhelds.

    Give this process a little time before trying to send another message. Remember that any item in your mailbox goes against your limit. If you still find that you are over your limit, you might have other items such as Tasks, Calendar, Contacts, etc. that you can delete."

    "Deleting multiple messages at once:

    1) Hold down the CAP key and use the thumbwheel to scroll up or down to select messages. Click the thumbwheel and select 'Delete Messages'.

    2) Highlight a date (i.e. Tue, July 20, 2004) in the message list; hit the thumbwheel and select delete prior. All messages prior to that date will be deleted. Note: If you have your Blackberry configured to automatically delete messages from your mailbox on the server when you delete them from the Blackberry, using this trick will NOT cause the messages to be removed from your mailbox on the server. So this is a good way to clean out the messages on your blackberry without worrying about having them deleted on the mail server.

    Combine these with a searching/filtering tip to make it even more useful. Example: To delete the last 5 outgoing messages (sent messages with a checkmark), press 'ALT' then the letter 'o' (for outgoing) this will show all of your sent messages. Then per this tip you can use the CAP key to select the last five messages. Click the thumbwheel and select 'Delete Messages'."

    Got that info here.

    Let me know if I'm answering exactly what you need. I'll reply more once I understand what exactly you need.

    Also read this:
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    Re: Need some help again!!!!

    All good info Hayden.

    Also try going to the e-mail set up from the phone. If you can not see the email setup icon on the main screen hold the ALT(half moon key in bottom left), click the track wheel in and select "Show All".

    From the email setup you'll be able to add, delete or provision settings for current e-mail coming into the device.

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    Re: Need some help again!!!!

    Great information. You learn more and more everyday! – where Blackberry Professionals Connect!
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