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I am a moron? Am I alone? I have thrice seen the message, "browser cannot ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Lightbulb Missing net.rim.blackberry.xml


    I am a moron? Am I alone?

    I have thrice seen the message, "browser cannot be installed, missing net.rim.blackberry.xml"

    Finally I figured out why.... I AM A MORON!!

    After reading thread after thread about this it became clear that most people see this after EDITING the blackberry.alx file!! So, I went to my blackberry.alx file (rather my wife's as it is her BB I screwed up <ducking>) and found that I had erased all the vendor id's but MORONICALLY left the "_vendorid" in the code..... DUH!

    One typo... One misplaced ">" and the above error will be returned by Desktop Manager.

    Solution 1 - Go back through the blackberry.alx file and find the offending line(s) of code.

    Solution 2 (Do this in the first place unless you are a moron) Keep a clean copy of blackberry.alx in case you get the above message. When you get the above message, put this file back in the /program files/common files/research in motion/shared/apploader/whatever os folder.

    Too easy..... That is unless, like me, you are a moron!!
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    good info man!!
    I'm sure that will come in handy!
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    The application
    "Browser" cannot be loaded because it requires the following applications that are
    not available: net.rim.blackberry.xml.

    you made an error editing your Blackberry.alx file

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    It seems you also get this error when you replace a vendor code instead of add another to the codes that are I just found out. Guess thats what happens when you get

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