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Can anyone help me with an error with a newly installed micro SD card? When ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Micro SD error


    Can anyone help me with an error with a newly installed micro SD card? When I installed the card it said the card contained errors and i needed to fix them with my PC. I have the 8830 W.E.. I have used the desktop software to add some mp3's to the device but can't find them on the hand held. Is the card screwed or can i fix this?

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    Re: Micro SD error

    will your pc recognize the card if you use a card reader? If it does not, then if the card has sector errors, yeah your card is screwed. If your pc can see the card then if you have windows, open the windows explorer and right click on the drive letter for your card and select properties and format the card. Then stick it back in your BB.

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    Re: Micro SD error

    ~via BB ( Did you ever unplug the device while it was being used. Sometimes that causes errors on memory cards. You have to right click the drive and select properties. There should be a tools tab that has an option to check drive for errors. Select that and check the fix errors automatically option. If this works you should still have all the info on the cards minus a couple where the error ocurred. Hope this helps.

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