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Had lunch with our wireless At&t rep and he all but threw his hands up ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Question It's Obvious RIM has biten off more than they can chew.


    Had lunch with our wireless At&t rep and he all but threw his hands up fielding our questions about new product and the new OS with all the patch versions. Basically he said you get more factual info on then from RIM. It's like RIM is scared to make any form of offical statement on anything.
    He said RIM is in full denial to its US customers on just about everything. Basically RIM created their the first e-push apps by being able to push email with ease and slowly added and branched into different OS's and multimedia apps One of the big 4.6 patch issues is If you look at their current main model series 8100 /8300/ 8700/ 8800 they all run different OS source script so patching to 4.6 has become a nightmare. Each of these models have different multimedia abilities and code. RIM even Officially expected early 2nd quarter 2008 release. All we get now is 3rd party beta horor stories.
    Then came the iPhones and other great multimedia phones with OS's by microsoft, apple and symbian. I've owned 4 berrys over the years and each one was better, I just hope their aren't pulling a motorola on us, it just seems unprofessional to have no answers on US delivery for the 9000 or any factory position on the OS 4.6 update. My curve rocks but being a tech-head I do like new features, and hardware. What up RIM whats the real story?????????

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    ~via BB (
    There's a "Suggestions For Rim" thread in Forums, with a link to the address to email them.
    If there's validity to what you've outlined, copy and paste it to Waterloo asking for an answer.
    Some of the complements to os progreesion may not be a hardware fit, pre 9000, and that's completely understandable.
    I have complete faith in RIM.

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    Nice post bro. I'm sure this will explain alot to to the other members

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