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i keep reading to install the blackberry os to pc but don't know what that ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    install os to pc


    i keep reading to install the blackberry os to pc but don't know what that means. i did a search and found a link to tmobiles site where i downloaded the newest os for my pearl. i already have that os on my phone. do i still run that exe or what? how do i install the os on my pc?

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    Re: install os to pc

    ~via BB ( what you are installing is the software bundle on the pc, which then gets installed on your BB, but if you have the latest BB OS then you don't need to install anything

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    Re: install os to pc

    ~via BB (
    Installing to your pc means running or executing the exe file. Just like any other program you would download and *install* once you've done that then you can plug in bb and run desktop manager.
    Does that make sense?

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    Re: install os to pc

    not sure if the pearl is different but the 8700c requires 2 installs
    1 is the desktop software that handles snycing the device with your computer's outlook, it also handles installing other programs TO your device
    2 is the OS software for the blackberry. this will install, upgrade or repair the operating system on the device itself. Note that you need to have the desktop software installed FIRST so that it can upgrade the software on your device
    hope that helps!

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    Re: install os to pc

    ~via BB (

    If you have any plans of using "Application Loader" via the Desktop Manager to load 3rd Party apps, themes, etc, then the Desktoop Maager requires that you also load the Handheld Software exe onto your Desktop. Even if your Blackberry software is already up to date.

    And as DigitalStack mentioned, it can help future if you need to repair your device, by reloading the software.

    Hope this helps.

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