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Several days ago, I upgraded to v. 4.5 on my 8310 AT&T Curve. Everything was ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    HTML option disappeared


    Several days ago, I upgraded to v. 4.5 on my 8310 AT&T Curve. Everything was roses (and still is), but I noticed something strange. When I first upgraded, I immediately noticed that I had an option in my e-mail options to enable HTML (I think it was enabled by default). Despite it being enabled, I was forced to manually “get images” in order to view the images (otherwise, they were, for the most part, empty boxes).

    1) Does anyone know why I have to manually “get images” to get the images to load even though I had it set to do that in my email options?

    Anyway, I then gave the Curve over to my IT department to get my device ready for use on my corporate network. Now that I have gotten it back, I no longer have the HTML option in my email options. That notwithstanding, I can still view HTML emails on my non BES email accounts, but as was the case before, I still have to click "get images” to retreive the images.

    2) Why have I lost the option to enable and disable HTML? Does it matter?

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    There are those who have claimed that by waiting long enough, the e-mail will eventually download its images, but I have yet to see that happen on my 8310. My understanding is that it is a built in security function as you are exposing your personal information when downloading these images to your device.

    As to your second question, it could be that your IT department has instituted an IT policy on your device, disabling the downloading of HTML e-mails through its servers because of the aforementioned security issues.

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    Yes.. Your IT department can make restrictions depending on company policies. As mentioned above they do that for security reasons. ~via BB (

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