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Unfortunately while trying to upload an application to my blackberry 8700g it appears that I ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Help Needed Please! I need to restore data on my blackberry


    Unfortunately while trying to upload an application to my blackberry 8700g it appears that I wiped all of my applications off of the blackberry. I am need of any solution that you all may have so that I can restore data on my blackberry 8700g. If any of you guys have any information please let me know. I would be forever greatful.

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    Ask Me!
    Welcome to Pinstack!

    Did you ever do a backup?

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    No I didn't The desktop manager isn't working either. I don't know what to do at this point. I've tried everything. Intellisync isn't giving me the option to restore any default settings or anything. This is the first time any of this has happened to me

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    This info was copied from the original post by "pentace" so dont forget to thank him when your are done fixing your issue. I had to paste the entire post because I am not a stack level 2 user and cannot paste URLs..... LAAAAAAME! Anyway, goodluck.

    FYI this will work for any handheld that constantly initializes.. aka the hourglass of doom.

    1. Install the desktop software.
    2. Install the handheld software. If it is a non Vendor software.. exp. T-Mobile. search and delete the "vendor.xml" file.
    3. Pull the battery out of your device.
    4. With the battery out connect the device to the computer.
    5. Go to Options and select "connection settings"
    6. Select USB PIN this may take a few moments since there is no battery in the device. you might even have to select detect device in some rare cases.
    7. Select the application loader icon.
    8. Select all software you want installed.
    9. Proceed to the end portion untill you see the "Finish" button.
    10. Very IMPORTANT. do not hit the finish button, instead select the ADVANCED button.
    11. Make sure both boxes are checked.
    12. Proceed until it asks you if you want to automatically back up and restore. Select DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY BACK UP MY HANDHELD.
    13. Once the process starts. take care not to bumb out the cord and re-insert the battery. Again on some rare occasions you might have to wait until it finishes saying connect to insert the battery.


    If you do not get it by the 3rd time.. download the Blackberry java developers kit and install it. once installed find the javaloader.exe file and move it into the c:\ directory

    Once it is under the c:\, go to start then run and type. cmd.exe

    after the command prompt apears type in "c:\javaloader -usb wipe" to wipe the handheld

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    Once you get Desktop Manager working, you should be able to sync your Calendar and Contacts from your messenging client (i.e. Outlook, etc).

    Other than that, I think you have lost everything, if you have never backed up your device.

    What is the problem you are having with Desktop Manager? Have you configured your PIM settings?

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    The same thing has happened to me
    Twice. The first time I had no back up as well, I had to get help here and I also had problems with my download manager.long story short, I had to re-install desk top manager on my pc, all the software on my blackberry as well and had to setup my email again by sending the service books to myself and had to provision my BB as well. As dolphinrich said I did lose everything because I hadn't backuped anything..I learned my lesson and when everything was reconfigured again and my huge address book was complete I backuped my info. Then and there! The 2nd time it happened it was no problem! Lesson learned don't forget to back up Don't worry you will be up and running in no time (after u backup ) goodluck

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    did you ever check your settings to make sure the usb selection was checked under connections

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