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So you're wondering what's so good about the Latest OS Version List shrinking? Well, if ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Thumbs up Good News for 8xxx GSM Devices - the Latest OS list SHRUNK!


    So you're wondering what's so good about the Latest OS Version List shrinking?

    Well, if you've been paying attention, you'd know that all OS versions and later support 16 Gig (!) Micro SD Cards.

    AND, you'd also know that Sandisk has released just such a card.

    Well the reason that the list has shrunk is because a few sites have released OS version, and it is now available for ALL 8xxx GSM devices!

    This means if you have an 8xxx GSM BlackBerry, and the know-how to upgrade your device using any Carrier's OS, AND after you pony up the $100 or so for your SD card, you'll have more space for your Music, Photos, et al than the average PC had just a few years ago!

    OK, now the test. What statement is not really correct above?

    Answer - the maximum size SD card for devices! 16 Gigs is not the limit of what will be supported! If you saw the notice about the vendor invites to the Bold Launch Party, AND you watched the Video Promo (and especially if you tried to worm your way into the party), you'd have found out that the Bold is supposed to support up to 32 Gigs! That's larger than the hard drive I had on my home desktop until last year! I'm guessing that it won't be listed as a supported card size until some are released that can be tested and verify this.

    Pretty cool stuff if you ask me!

    Please note: 8xxx devices that end in an odd number (specifically 3 or 7) or 30 are NOT GSM Devices! Sorry all you CDMA people, but I'm just the messenger. Hopefully your day will come soon!

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    Great writeup! Dang I forgot about the 4.5 upgrade. I still have 4.2 on my 8310 and got tired of waiting for the Evil Empire to put one out.
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    Nice, just bought a 8320 with the newest version installed!!!! Now I need to find a 16gb card now.

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    Great info and I wasn't aware of this until you made me aware. Guess I need a newer 4.5 on this here Curve...

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