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I just found out AT&T released the OS 4.5 for pearl 8100 (I have that ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    I just found out AT&T released the OS 4.5 for pearl 8100 (I have that one, and I had OS 4.1). So i upgrade, backup as well, everythings fine.

    Then I go away for a few minutesand I come back, it says A Fatal Error Has Occurred when Upgrading blahblahblah. So I'm like Okay, I'll restore it. The thign is, my Blackberry keeps flashing the red LED light and my computer won't detect it!

    I've reinstalled Desktop Manager 4.6 and restarted my computer, etc, but my phone is not working. I can't turn it on, turn it off, whatever. I've done battery pulls, and the LED still flashes. It just keeps flashing the red LED and won't get recognized by the computer.

    Is there some way to fix my phone? Its been like this for a few hours.

    This is making me regret getting a Blackberry ALOT.

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    Not an uncommon issue and it can happen.

    I would follow This thread and once you get DM to recognize the device again, wipe it and reinstall the OS.
    Be sure that the OS you installed is the correct one for your device.
    You can find the latest OS for each device stickied at the top of each device forum.

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    First, welcome to the Stacks. When you were upgrading, did you happen to notice where it stopped? ie: connecting to device, turning off radio,did it say "cannot reconnect during multi task operation" things like that in the DM dialog. The only reason I'm asking these questions is that it will help Lavagirl help you out. However you should not regret getting the Berry, after Superlavagirl gets done with you, you'll be glad you did.

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