Hi all.

I had this problem like almost 2 yrs go with my BB 7290. I've changed to the 8707g. And after reading this thread, i went to my junk box to dig out the old handheld hoping that i'm able to fix it. I have exactly the same problem.
"Device error 401 & Battery Drained. Shutting down handheld"
Tried to wipe my device with JL_Cmder. At first after the first installation it worked.. THANK GOD!!
but after a restart, and inserting my sim card in. The error "Battery Drained. Shutting down handhelp"
prompt again. Did a reinstallation, and when reboot. Seemed ok.. But not too sure how long till it goes mad again.

Anyone has any idea what exactly that error means ? When the device boot up without the problem, my battery indicator shows full. Only when some error which triggered the device to shut down, only then it prompt the "battery drained..." and reboots over and over again.