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Hi guys, using a 8320 and am currently in japan.. No GPRS as the bb ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    enterprise activation over wifi


    Hi guys,

    using a 8320 and am currently in japan.. No GPRS as the bb is only 2G and there's no 2G network here, but I am using wifi to get my emails etc...

    For a few different reasons, I would need to reload my OS.. I know everytime a new OS is loaded, the bb would automatically do an enterprise activiation. I was wondering if the activation can be done with only wifi access, or does it need GPRS to complete?



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    Apparently, it can be done, but the BES server needs to be set up for it:

    If you have a computer with your email client configured, you can install Desktop Manager and do a "wired" activation. One thing - in the past I've found that if the COMPUTER has a WiFi network connection, the activation fails. It doesn't make sense that it would be related to the item above, but it doesn't make sense that it should fail either. To be sure, use a WIRED connection to your computer.

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