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I installed Bold OS on my ATT Bold without difficulty. However, when I sync ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Question DM 4.7 tries to downgrade BETA BOLD OS


    I installed Bold OS on my ATT Bold without difficulty. However, when I sync with Desktop Manager, it "suggests" I require "Available Applications Updates" including:
    BlackBerry 4.6 System Software
    BlackBerry 4.6 Core Applications

    I simply click "CANCEL" and the sync continues without incident.

    I'm assuming it's trying to downgrade me back to the official OS,

    A) Is this indeed what it's trying to do and,

    B) How do I get it to mind it's own business?

    Thanks, stackers!

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    WOW, a Dec 14th posts and no replies?
    Uninstall previous OS versions.
    DL and install ( I assume beta)? OS
    Delete vendor.xml file.
    Try to reinstall Beta OS then.

    DM 4.7 is buggy, I had to downgrade to DM 4.6 to make it work ok.
    You might have to turn off the auto update from the DM too.

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    It gives me the same message and even when I try to do it, it goes through this whole updating process just to ultimately tell me there are no updates available. I think its just one of the bugs of DM 4.7.

    I wonder if they will ever fix it or just wait to 4.8?

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