Hi everybody,

I have a somehow strange problem and I don't know exactly how to resolve it.

We have some older 8310 in use that are running OS 4.2 and since my company is located in Austria the language is set to "German" for screen and input language. While everything in fact is in German, the only thing that is NOT is the AutoText dictionary that defaults to English only, no matter what.
I tried to upgrade one device to the latest OS offered by our carrier (T-Mobile Austria) which is
During the OS upgrade I chose to get rid of all languages except for German and English (I can't disable "English" during the upgrade process), including all additional language options.

Still, even after the upgrade, the only entries in the AutoText dictionary are English only.

This is something that I have never seen before, all other Blackberries I have been working with didn't show this behavior. The AutoText dictionary always adapted to the input language. I have had myself a 8300 and 9000 and now a 8220 that always properly switched from English to German whenever I changed the input language.

Does anybody know why this would happen? Could this be related to a setting on the BES? We run version 4.x - I can look up the exact version number on Monday.

Any help would be highly appreciated!