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OK, this is a strange one. I have an address book with ~ 6000 full ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    Question Address Book Problem - Help Please


    OK, this is a strange one.

    I have an address book with ~ 6000 full entries (Name, Phone, Address, etc).
    I did the update on a AT&T 8820.
    After restoring databases and syncing, I have two copies in the BB of each entry BUT ONLY ONE IN OUTLOOK.

    So, I wonder if its just a display problem, and edit one entry on the BB. The other one doesn't show the change, so they are actually 2 entries.

    I try to overwrite the BB with the Outlook data (one way sync) and I still have 2 copies on the BB only.

    I went to Backup/Restore and cleared the Address Book database. The BB AB Options shows 0 entries but if I open the Address Book, there are still 6000 entries there (no duplicates any more, but what is on the BB doesn't sync to Outlook).

    Soft reset and battery pull don't fix it.

    How do I have a phantom database with 6000 entries that I can't get rid of?

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    You've got a full back up of your phone right? Do a security wipe and set it back to factory. Make sure that you tell it to leave thrid party programs. That way they will still be there when you get it back. Once its clean connect back up to DM and restore back to your backup. That should put everything the way you want it. If it doesn't repost what happened. ~via BB (

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    yea i have noticed that sometimes when doing OS upgrades, a database will corrupt itself. not a biggy like the previous post. make sure you have a good backup and do the security wipe and restore. good luck. if you need any help with it, I/we will be glad to help.

    btw welcome to the forum
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    I have a slightly different question. I have installed 4.5 on my 8820. Works fine. But when I go to the advanced tab in DM and go to do a backup of my address book, there is 2 entries. Address Book and Address Book - All. The "All" file is slightly larger than the other. Is this normal and what is the difference. Thanks!

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