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My 7105 T is not starting up and the desktop software is also not reconizing, ... RIM Handheld OS forum

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    7105 T not reconizing Desktop Manager


    My 7105 T is not starting up and the desktop software is also not reconizing, although it is connected with data cable.

    Please can some one help..

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    Re: 7105 T not reconizing Desktop Manager

    Mine started doing that yesterday and the teche said that it's a software problem



    You are going to go to website t-mobilecom/bbupgrade
    This will pull up a page that will list all of our blackberries. You will select your device and click on get software.
    A pop up screen will come up and ask you for your mobile number. Type in your mobile number then hit enter.
    The pop up window will now show the software that is available to download.
    You will first select the Desktop Manager Software. You want to save it to your desktop so it is easy to find.
    Once it downloads, you will double click the file you downloaded. It might ask you to un-zip it. Go ahead and select run once it is down.
    This will pull up the Install Wizard on your computer.
    Follow the instruction.
    When it asks for your name and organization, you can enter in your name and home computer. Hit next.
    You want to do a Typical install and you want to set it up for the Blackberry Internet Service.
    If you are running any anti-virus software it might flag this as a malicious script, I assure you it is not. Go ahead and allow it.
    Once it is done installing, you DO NOT want to launch the manager.

    Now you will go back to your pop up window to get the handheld software.
    Download it to your desktop and then double click it. This will install it into your desktop manager.
    Once this is done installing, you do want to launch the Desktop Manager.

    With the desktop manager open, you will now connect your blackberry to your computer via the USB cable. If the manager is showing disable or disconnected, go up to option and select Connection Settings. You will see a drop down menu box. You want to select the connection: USB - PIN (you will see your PIN number here). Then hit ok. Your device should be connected.
    If you are having problems, connecting the device to your computer please give us a call at 1-800-937-8997

    Now that you are connected, you may see a pop-up screen to update now. If you do, select that. If not, you will go into your application loader.
    You will hit next till you see a screen that shows you the applications to be loaded onto your device. You want to make sure all application are checked except DOD Root Certificate and UK language support.
    If you do not check everything else, you may loose an application on your device.
    You will then hit next and it may prompt you to auto back up your information. You want to do this.
    Once you hit next here, you will start the upgrade process. This normally takes 20 to 30 min. It may take longer.

    If you are still having problems on your device after reinstalling the software, please call us at 1-800-937-8997 so that we may further troubleshoot your device.

    This is a test email account and is not monitored for new emails. Please do not send emails to this account unless asked to do so. Thank you, T-mobile PDA/Blackberry support.


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    Re: 7105 T not reconizing Desktop Manager

    Well i found a way to it, in this forum itself i found the solution.

    U can to to link at
    add http before this and replace ; with / you will have the link.

    5178-how_reinstall_os_when_computer_wont. html

    I am not a upgraded user to do this.

    This solved my problem.
    Thanks so much

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