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After getting to like my Galaxy 3, a few days ago a new Blackberry Q10 ... BlackBerry Smartphones forum

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    The switch....


    After getting to like my Galaxy 3, a few days ago a new Blackberry Q10 was aquired in a trade with a friend. He liked the Torch 9810 and has a condition that makes his hands shake. He was having alot of trouble using the Q10 so I gave him my 9810 and he was thrilled. Being an old fan of Blackberry I had my sim card and plan switched to see how the OS 10 operated. The feel of the Q10 was very solid and the rubber like back kept it from sliding around while using that made in heaven keyboard. I found the motions to go from screen to screen very odd at first but remembering what many had said about it being a one handed phone, soon it was very handy. Of the many things I like about the Q10, some things seemed primative not only for a new phone but a Blackberry at that! In contacts I found you couldn't make a group for texting. Being this is a business phone, I wondered why the OS 7 Blackberries had this but not the Q? I'm still shocked you can't go into Blackberry World and get Google Maps. Being a driver, I was disappointed I couldn't get a logbook app like Recap + to make business much easier. And being a driver was very disappointed they put such a subpar camera on such a quality feeling phone. Do you know with my Galaxy 3 camera, I took a picture of grass in a meadow from a distance of 15 feet away, and it was so crystal clear that you could zoom in and see a bee! And you could zoom a little more and the bees wings were frozen in stop action! So this camera on the Q was greatly lacking in comparison. I love the way you can go from BBM to text to email and the keyboard is to die for after the digital pretend keyboard on the Sammy. But if Blackberry says its phones were built for business and they don't offer top of the line cameras, access to all of the apps (not games) that are available for business and all of the features even the older phones had, then getting by on love will only last for so long. The fixes are not hard, so the BB pit crew needs to lift the hood and install some chrome plated goodies in this racecar! Remember Mr Chen, if your're not the lead dog, the view never changes....
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    I believe we've heard this tune before, Kyle, but good to have another opinion, nonetheless.

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    That was a fair appraisal Kyle, especially considering it's coming from a BB die hard that almost took my head off when I wrote about the OS.
    I hope you can make it work for you.

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