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    Question SD Card Access on Q10



    I understand that access to the SD card is in the personal space for security purposes and I think BB was really onto something with this feature.

    However, I have users that moved their SD card from their old phones (Torch, 9900, etc) to the new BB10s and they are not happy that photos taken at sites are not accessible when they need to email them to co-workers.

    Is there a way to move, transfer, etc. photos that are stored on the SD card to make them accessible from work space?

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    I don't know much about BB10, but I'm not sure why they would limit access to the SD card. Are you sure the SD card isn't locked to read only? Regardless, you should be able to connect the device to the PC and have the PC recognize it as an additional drive. From that point I would think you'd be able to drag and drop the photos from the card to wherever else you want them on the device.

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    Yes I think you are onto it Roger, connecting to the PC will give access to all the folders and should set up transfer from there. I would back them up and copy just to be sure

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