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ive got to step 5 but because my phone now only has a white background ... BlackBerry Smartphones forum

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    ive got to step 5 but because my phone now only has a white background with a picture indicating theres no battery in, i dont know where to go for 'options.' this is a nightmare. please help!

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    You need to select options in Desktop Manager. It is located in the top right corner of Desktop Manager. Click on options and in the drop down menu you will see connection options.

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    Thanks Guys! I had NO power after using the DM for Mac and this restored it. I have no other phone and this saved me! whew!

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    Thank you very, very much to all of you who have contributed, and especially N8DBB for this original step-by-step of how to fix the situation. That said, I'm having a bit of a situation myself and have hit a wall between steps #7 and #8. The situation:

    Within 36 hours of having installed Google Maps for my Blackberry 8120, I started receiving the revolving hour-glass, but my phone still worked despite being slow and delayed. Over the course of 36-48 hours, the phone became more and more dysfunctional, and ultimately led to the "Error 205...reset" screen - AKA - The White Screen of Death. I arrive at that screen everytime I reset the phone.

    ***Note: (I have a Mac, but I run Windows XP via a software program called Parallels - a software application that allows Mac users (like myself) to simultaneously run a virtual Windows machine. I have the Desktop Manager software, version 5.0.1, installed on my partitioned, virtual Windows machine, as opposed to my Mac OS) ***

    Step#7: After I select the Application Loader icon, it gives me two other options to choose from: 1) Add/Remove Applications -OR- 2) Update Software

    When I click on "Add/Remove Applications", a status box pops-up that shows the following:

    Task In Progress (3 of 4)

    Connect to the JVM............................................Com pleted
    Connecting to the device (Intel)...........................Completed
    Connecting to the device (ARM)............................(shows moving circles as though something is "Pending)
    Connecting to the device (Built-In)

    Connecting to boot ROM
    [---------------------------------------------] *(this is supposed to be the image of a status bar)*


    So I can't get to Step#8 - a point where I can select applications to load to my Blackberry.

    Any suggestions??

    Additional Sidenotes:
    1) When I installed the BB OS, I could not find the 'vendor.xml' file. There was an 'application_loader.log' and an 'application_loader.dll' files, but no folder to open-up and remove a 'vendor.xml' file from.

    Many thanks,


    Originally Posted by N8DBB
    Problem: When trying to re-install an operating system that constantly intializes, Desktop Manager will not recognize the device.

    Solution: The following walkthough!

    Thank you to Pentace for this excellent walkthough:

    FYI this will work for any handheld that constantly initializes.. aka the hourglass of doom.

    1. Install the desktop software.
    2. Install the handheld software. (If it is a non Vendor software.. exp. T-Mobile. search and delete the "vendor.xml" file.)
    3. Pull the battery out of your device.
    4. With the battery out connect the device to the computer.
    5. Go to Options and select "connection settings"
    6. Select USB PIN this may take a few moments since there is no battery in the device. you might even have to select detect device in some rare cases.
    7. Select the application loader icon.
    8. Select all software you want installed.
    9. Proceed to the end portion untill you see the "Finish" button.
    10. Very IMPORTANT. do not hit the finish button, instead select the ADVANCED button.
    11. Make sure both boxes are checked.
    12. Proceed until it asks you if you want to automatically back up and restore. Select DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY BACK UP MY HANDHELD.
    13. Once the process starts. take care not to bump out the cord and re-insert the battery. Again on some rare occasions you might have to wait until it finishes saying connect to insert the battery.


    If you do not get it by the 3rd time.. download the Blackberry java developers kit and install it. once installed find the javaloader.exe file and move it into the c:\ directory

    Once it is under the c:\, go to start then run and type. cmd.exe

    After the command prompt apears type in "c:\javaloader -usb wipe" to wipe the handheld

    *The reason I have highlighted Step 13 is that this is very important to do BEFORE the DM tries to re-start your device because it WILL NOT re-intialize your device IF THE BATTERY IS NOT IN YOUR DEVICE.

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    I don't get the "Proceed until it asks you if you want to automatically back up and restore.. " part as that message never pops up.
    Also, when I do reinsert the battery, it just detects and disconnects in a loop on the computer. I can't get far into the reinstalling as it disconnects off my computer randomly and the reinstallation fails. I can't even usbwipe it as it won't stay connected long enough
    (Is it true that you have to do it on a desktop?)


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    I'm helping my friend do this for his BB now. I've installed desktop manager and the handheld software onto my notebook. I've taken out the battery and plugged it in to the usb to my notebook. I'm now stuck. I can't click Options, much less further any progress, because I get a popup telling me to connect my device. Idk what else to do. Sorry, but I feel like I'm missing something and it's throwing me for a loop. Any suggestions?

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    Walkthrough doesn't help in the situation. Step 5 won't work because you can't open up Desktop Manager as a message blocking you from using it will say "Before you begin, verify that your current blackberry device is connected to your computer." I don't see what this can do when the computer won't recognize the connection

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    I have recently been introduced to the BlackBerry world, and I hope that there are some folks on this forum who can hopefully help me with a problem I'm experiencing with my Curve 8320.

    I bought the phone off ebay, fairly cheaply I must add, knowing that it had a problem turning on, "2 blinks.......pause......2 blinks......pause" as long as the battery is in the handset.

    I have tried what seems like every single option, every program known to mankind, and read thousands of pages of text regarding the problem, but I still haven't managed to get the phone to "play ball"

    When I do finally get the phone doing something resembling installation of the OS it just hangs at the first stage of uploading, where it says "Erasing Applications" just after the list of options, and applications to install, at number 8 in the guide then a message saying a "Fatal error has occured", or something along those lines, then the LED starts to do its merry thing once again.

    I haven't once been able to get past that stage mentioned above, grrrrrrr.

    I have the original box that the phone came in, so I have the "PIN", and the "IMEI" code, but in certain programs, the "PIN" comes back as being "00000000".

    After trying to do a .cmd apploader install, I get a message saying, "Error Sector Failed" due to "Communication Error"

    I have tried every conceivable method to try and get this phone to work, but I think this might just have me beat, and I now have a new paper weight for my computer desk, ((

    Any help from anyone will be graciously accepted.

    If any further info is needed, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Many thanks to all who read this post.

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    I cant find step 5 in what options i must go in desktop manager or? sorry for bed english

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    i am having a problem my bb wont initializate... i do all the steps but wen my device tries to initializate it cant...the red light on device is turning on-off...i dont know what to do....please help?

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    8520 got messed up

    ive tried all the steps from the walkthrough over n over but i cant get past the part where im suppose to install the software bcuz the phone wont connect no matter what ive even tried using the bb java developers kit n that failed bcuz the phone still wouldnt connect. plz i need help urgently

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    big problems loading os

    Hi all,

    i've read this topic over and over and still can't get it to work.
    I'm trying to load the os back onto a pearl 8120 and I get as far as loading applications then it say's my device is not connected.
    I've done all the stages (putting battery back in) and it someties loads apps for 1 sec, sometimes 10 secs but then alway's reboots the BB.
    Any advice please?

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    when it says click "option"...what program is that in? i have a mac and a blackberry tour 9630 .... and am so frustrated

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    This is an old post for an older version of Desktop Manager for PC. I am not familiar with the DM for Mac, so not sure how to walk you through it.

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    I used JL_Cmder v1.9.0 to wipe and then C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\loader.exe to load new OS and all ok many thanks to all on here who helped!

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